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Pete-SketchPete from NicheSpin.com

Let me share a little info about NicheSpin and me… I’m Pete from the North of England and I make a living using the internet. How do I make money? Well, there are various ways.

Prior to 2014 I carried out SAP consultancy, but that stopped because I figured out how to make money online..

I have produced some online products that bring a steady income, but the thing I am most passionate about is trying out new technologies getting them to work and trying out new small business ventures.

So this website is here for me to pass on my thoughts and sharing my knowledge to help me, you and anyone else learn new techie stuff and make my working life as fun as possible.

So why did I choose NicheSpin.com as the name for this website?

I got the idea for producing a product to help people build unique niche websites, but after that initial idea popped into my head my brain went into overdrive and I decided not only to write about a specific products focused on niche websites, but also include everything else I’ve learnt and continue to learn from other entrepreneurs that I think are worth their salt.

Have you got a great idea and want help bringing it to life?

I am always interested in working on new projects as a partner or contract basis. If you want help, don’t be shy .. get in touch.

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